Currently one of most polular SEO method is lin building.

For this you can find lots programs which assume for you hunder thousand of backlinks in short time period.

One of popular script to this is Scrapebox, which is a wery easy tool to use.

Scrapebox is a tool tha’s been around for many years and I’d be surprised if there is an SEO out there who is not using this tool. However, for the average user it can be quite a complex tool, hard to navigate and you will most likely be unaware how to pull the appropriate data you may be looking to scrape.

Below you can download total free Scrapebox auto aprove list

 List contains 61,560 urls from 3115 domains. Included in those urls/domains is this

* WordPress – 61,560 urls from 3115 domains

Page Rank from N/A – 5.

Of course these are unique from the last Auto Approve lists that I sold. None of the domains or urls in these lists were sold in my prior lists, and none of the domains or urls from my last lists are in these lists.

All of these work in Scrapebox Fast Poster, however this list could be used with any blog commenter that will comment to those platforms.

Specifically these are from:
Moveable Type
Blog Engine

This list is actual urls and domains that are auto approve comments.If you want to downlad all what you need to do is add your email addreee and you will get list directly to your mailbox.
Enjoy 🙂

Scrapebox Auto Approve List 11/04/2020


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